Lombardy cosmetics value chain

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How the Lombardy Cosmetics System
was born

The partnership, which include 14 actors, both public and private, is a first pioneer groups of many actors of the whole regional supply chain, characterized by a growing strategic relevance.

It was born seeking to formalize the passage from a close and selective aggregation methodology for collaboration to a process driven by the development of the whole supply chain, that guarantees an inclusive approach for new collaborations, coherently with the challenges defined by Lombardy Region Smart Specialization Stategy.

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Lombardy supply chain turnover worths for more than 60%
of the national turnover.


Natural resources and specific competences are available
to the value chain.


Act as a system for
the value chain growth.


Lombardy’s cosmetics manufacturing quality has risen over the years until standing out at global level becoming nowadays a reference point for cosmetics production.

Product design, manufacturing quality, advanced packaging and transversal application of technologies make Lombardy’s cosmetic industry an interactive laboratory for creativity and innovation, seeking for high competitiveness levels.

The ambition of the partnership is to cultivate relationships that nourish the emergence of a common vision for the development of the Lombardy Cosmetics System and the common identification of investment objective in research, innovation and education, as levers of for the whole system growth. The innovative characteristic of this model lays in the transversal, multidisciplinary, almost holistic, approach, with a strong international dimension and synergies between businesses and academic entities, for innovation and human capital growth.

Filiera Cosmetica Lombarda

A Parnership agreement was signed on March 6th 2021, and approved by Lombardy Region with the label of “Lombardia Innovativa” (Innovative Lombardy), that recognized the innovative model of Lombardy Cosmetics System.

The members want to formalize an innovative collaboration model with the aim of stimulate positive consequences and improve the competitiveness of the Lombardy cosmetics value chain and express their interest for Research and Innovation, Academic, High Education and VET education initiative.
Inside the agreement relationships, objectives and four areas of collaborations are detailed.

It is fundamental for a positive outcome, to share and update the research targets and the needs of the cosmetics value chain.

We foster relationships to cultivate a common vision
for Lombardy Cosmetics System development.