The partnership was created to establish cross-sectoral collaboration, define a strategic roadmap for the Lombard cosmetic supply chain, share and update interests in research, innovation and training in order to undertake common actions..

Furthermore, given the participation of the Lombardy Region in the interregional thematic platforms S3P (Smart Specialisation Platform) of Berry + and Go4Cosmetics, the Lombard Cosmetic System adheres to these initiatives.

In particular, REI – Reindustria Innovazione coordinates the participation of Lombard cosmetics in the two S3P platforms on behalf of the Lombardy Region.

Cosmetic Research and Development

All the cosmetic research and development activities of  Lombardy Cosmetics System

Investing in cosmetic research and development to increase the growth of Lombardy Cosmetics System. Discover all the activities

Go4Cosmetics identifies and connects complementary skills to increase the competitiveness of the cosmetics sector, focusing on the following three priorities: Digital Transition, Green transition e Consumers and citizens awerness. Lombardy Region is co-leader of Go4Cosmetic together with the Center-Val De Loire Region. Lombardy Region has given a mandate to REI to coordinate the work, representing the Lombard Cosmetic System.

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First European interregional partnership (Industrial Modernization) relating to the enhancement of natural resources, in a circular bioeconomy key. It aims to develop the potential of the regions involved in a sustainable way, with concrete repercussions in new product lines linked to the heritage of regional natural resources.

Lombardy Region is a partner and has given a mandate to REI to coordinate the work on behalf of the Lombard Cosmetic System.

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