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Following the launch of the S3 Go4Cosmetics Platform at the Louvre in Paris in October 2021, the second Steering Committee of the European partnership, led by the Lombardy Region and the Center-Val De Loire Region, was held in Milan on 3-4 May 2022.

The event was organized by REI – Reindustria Innovazione, in strong synergy with the Lombardy Region and with the Lombardy Cosmetic System.

The S3 Go4Cosmetics platform brings together seven European regions to promote research in favor of the entire value chain of the cosmetics sector through an interregional approach in order to become more innovative and competitive. In addition to the Lombardy Region (represented by the Lombard Cosmetic System), the French Region Center – Val De Loire (with the Cosmetic Valley), the Central Region of Portugal, the Region of Catalonia with Beauty Cluster Barcelona, the Nort Vest Region of Romania, the Olomouc Region of Romania also participate. Czech Republic, Sardinia Region with Sardegna Ricerche and Cagliari University.

During the first day the partnership met at Palazzo Regione Lombardia to work on new project proposals, discussing actions related to the development of skills for the supply chain, for the digital and green transition. At the meeting Enza Cristofaro from the Lombardy Region and Anita Tregner for the European Commission, who have been supporting REI and Cosmetic Valley for the launch of the S3 network for some years, were present.

In the afternoon, the delegation visited two excellences of Lombard cosmetics. The Polo Tecnologico della Cosmesi association has opened the doors of two of its companies for a visit to the production plants by the Italian and European delegation: Lumson, a leading company in the design, development, production and decoration of primary packaging systems for the cosmetic and make-up market, and MPlus Cosmetics, a manufacturer of international cosmetics and product suppliers.

The delegation was then guest of the inaugural ceremony of the Milan Beauty Week at Palazzo Giureconsulti, an initiative of Cosmetica Italia designed to promote the social, scientific and economic value of the sector, as well as highlighting the peculiarities of the Italian cosmetics supply chain.

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